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Supply problems, new technologies, wars, terrorism and even changes in the weather can all cause fluctuations in the price of heating oil. To keep you up to date with these kinds of events, we’ve pulled together the most relevant news stories for you here on our website.

By keeping up-to-date with the latest news you can ensure that you order at the best time and guarantee maximum savings.

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Silly season is upon us

6th December 2012

It's the same every year: December comes, we hit a cold snap and suddenly every…

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A new look for (nearly) a New Year

30th November 2012 (last updated: 30th November 2012)

We decided it was about time to give ourselves a face-lift and today we're prou…

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Attention Aga and Rayburn users

16th November 2012

As a result of EU directives insisting on cleaner fuels, kerosene now has a low…

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More Members Join In - More Buying Power - Means More Savings

16th November 2012

More and more members are joining ''The Heating Oil Club'' which is strengtheni…

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What John of BD22 Said

13th October 2012

"Ordered 11:30, delivered 10:30 next day and at the best price quoted - excell…

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