News: Weather and demand cause extended delivery times

27th February 2018

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February has seen an unprecedented level of orders for heating oil across the whole of the UK with all suppliers affected. What that means for us and our members is delivery windows that are extending in many areas to around 10 working days - probably more where severe weather is setting in. We are doing everything possible to help our members but with suppliers completely stretched, there is only so much that they can do.

So, if you think that you are likely to need oil soon, certainly if that were to be during March, (we have had many members who have run out due to their using more oil than expected since Christmas so checking your tank is essential) then get an order in as quickly as possible to ensure that even with a longer than usual delivery time, you will get your heating oil before things become more difficult.

We would expect things to get back to normal during March but if the bad weather does continue, it will again impact on all suppliers ability to deliver within our usual, swift time scales.