What is The heating oil club?

Hands joining in the centre of a circle.

The heating oil club is a new and unique way for us all to buy our heating oil together and enjoy the savings and benefits this provides.

Benefits such as:

  • Enhanced buying power.
  • Maximum savings for all our members.
  • High quality, convenient, reliable deliveries.
  • A reduced carbon footprint.
  • Saving you the effort of comparing quotes from many different suppliers.

And what’s even better is that our community is entirely free to join and it doesn’t cost a penny after that! You only ever pay for the oil you order and we don’t add anything to the price!

How it all began

The idea for The heating oil club all started a few years ago when a group of us, our friends and neighbours, realised that if we were to all order our heating oil together we could get a better price, better service and only one of us would need to ring around to get the best quote.

This worked so well that the next time we ordered a few more people joined in, then a few more, and then pretty soon there were hundreds and then thousands of us - all working together to get the very best savings and service on our heating oil deliveries.

Many people are greater than one.

As more and more of us joined in, our buying power became greater and greater. Instead of being hundreds of individuals each ordering a few thousand litres of heating oil, we became one big customer ordering hundreds of thousands of litres together, and able to demand the respect and benefits we deserve.

Keen to attract more members and increase our buying power even further, we decided the next logical step was to move our community onto the internet so that everyone could take part — and hence The heating oil club was born.

How it works

Steps 1, 2 and 3.

We deal with a number of different suppliers, who all enter their best quotes for different areas and amounts on our website. Our members can then request a personalised quote according to their needs and get the best price our suppliers have to offer. An order can then be arranged through us and the supplier will deliver the oil direct to you. It's really that simple.

However, we do even more than that. Rather than simply send an order straight through to the supplier, we group orders together daily to get even better bulk savings for our members and reduce the distances the oil trucks have to travel – helping to do our bit for the environment. We also arrange special bulk ordering events and provide advice to our members on when's the best time to buy.

Join today & start saving