News: Winter set to really arrive this week.

28th January 2019

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The Met Office are again warning of potentially severe weather arriving this week with the threat of extended cold and wintry conditions.

Snow is possible across most parts of the country at times, with the potential for some occasionally disruptive snow, although there is uncertainty in any detail. Winds will be strong with coastal gales, maintaining a significant wind chill and it is likely that there will be widespread frost and the risk of ice. Towards the end of this period there is a low chance that the winds will turn east or northeasterly bringing even colder weather. (Source; )

They also offer the following advice;

Cold weather can be a risk to your health, particularly if you are over 65 or have health conditions. The cold thickens blood and increases blood pressure, and breathing in cold air can increase the risk of chest infections.
Your home (and those of your elderly relatives and neighbours) should ideally be at least 18 °C. During cold spells, keep your windows closed at night as this could cause a real drop in the temperature indoors.  If you have a heating boiler consider getting it serviced before the coldest weather arrives.

So, taking these things into account we would recommend that all members check their tanks and if you need a delivery, get your order into the system before what is likely to be the first major rush of the heating oil season. Do also please consider any friends or neighbours who are elderly or perhaps less able to check their own tanks.