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Supply problems, new technologies, wars, terrorism and even changes in the weather can all cause fluctuations in the price of heating oil. To keep you up to date with these kinds of events, we’ve pulled together the most relevant news stories for you here on our website.

By keeping up-to-date with the latest news you can ensure that you order at the best time and guarantee maximum savings.

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Time to top up your home heating oil tank?

9th November 2017

As we head towards the time when thermostats are being turned up across the UK,…

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Chocs away? Could be a chilly Easter....

25th March 2017

After a pretty chilly night tonight, despite British Summer Time starting tomor…

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Stormy weather...

11th January 2017

The Met Office are predicting some very 'seasonal' weather over the next few da…

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A warm and merry Christmas?

11th December 2016

It is now only two weeks until Christmas Day - yes, two weeks. So, have you tic…

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Brexit impacts home heating oil prices this winter

20th October 2016

Having experienced a long and comfortable period where oil was at its lowest le…

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