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Supply problems, new technologies, wars, terrorism and even changes in the weather can all cause fluctuations in the price of heating oil. To keep you up to date with these kinds of events, we’ve pulled together the most relevant news stories for you here on our website.

By keeping up-to-date with the latest news you can ensure that you order at the best time and guarantee maximum savings.

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More good news for home heating oil users!

8th December 2014 (last updated: 8th December 2014)

Great news continues for oil fired heating users and again, we are advising all…

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Oil industry research proves that oil is "cheapest option going forward for most off-gas homes.”

30th October 2014

New research commissioned by OFTEC and the FPS predicts the price of oil will c…

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"Top-up now to save!" says Energy Minister Michael Fallon (We said it first!)

7th August 2014 (last updated: 9th August 2014)

Ordering at the right time can make a big difference to your heating oil bills.…

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Time to top-up!

12th September 2013

The weather's turning, tensions overseas are rising and prices are set to rise …

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Spring has sprung

14th May 2013

While the weather may not quite be there yet, the prices certainly are. Down ov…

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