News: Great prices continue, but for how long?

12th September 2020

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With autumn now here and overnight temperatures dropping to single figures almost everywhere, is now the right place to order your heating oil? Well, the answer is yes - and not just for that reason. Our prices remain low - lower than several years ago but we are living in strange and changing times which make predicting where prices will go is more difficult than ever.
The facts are that demand will increase and with demand, almost inevitably, comes probable price increase. With school holidays over and most suppliers trying to return to a more normal method of operating, with furloughed staff and drivers are getting back to work, delivery windows are currently quite normal, for now at least.
So, it’s another simple message. If you need a top up of 500 litres or a full tank, now is most likely a very good time to think about it. This weekend looks like a fine one in most areas so it is perhaps a great time for checking tank levels and placing that order.
Changes will come in terms of price, availability, delivery times etc. so why not get ahead and order this weekend?