News: Not out of the Woods yet!

6th February 2023

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Walking through the woods yesterday seeing sticky buds, snowdrops and celandine made me think of Spring. Waking up this morning I was reminded of the fickle nature of February, and as we all know this last year has certainly imprinted the words ‘climate change’ on our world - so expect the unexpected we might say. A perfect example; another price drop this morning which we wish we could predict but with so many elements affecting world oil prices right now, we simply don’t know - much like the weather.
So, please check your oil tank and order soon, as a long sunny January looked pretty (second sunniest since 1919) but we still had many heavy frosts and you may have used more oil than you thought. In fact this winter the temperature thus far is 0.5 degrees lower than average.
Low prices, ongoing cold weather means that this week is a good time to order.