News: Prices expected to rise due to current political tensions.

23rd February 2022

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Good morning,
With the current political tensions caused by the Russian, Ukraine border situation, analysts are predicting prices to increase fairly significantly.
Prices are already at a 7 year high and look to continue on an upward trend.
With demand high as usual due to the winter period, delivery times are a little longer but it is anticipated that when COVID restrictions are fully lifted this week, we will see a return to more normal levels of resource in terms of staff and drivers. This will allow distribution to improve and any current backlog to be fulfilled.
It would perhaps be prudent to check your oil levels and if you are able to take a minimum 500 litres or more, (considering a delivery time of around two weeks currently in most areas) then get an order in as we are really unsure how the market will develop over the coming weeks or months.