News: Covid 19 - home heating oil deliveries update

21st March 2020

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With the most recent guidance from the UK government, we felt it important to offer some reassurance regarding delivery of home heating oil.

The unprecedented demand has put enormous pressure on our suppliers but they are working tirelessly to cover that demand in as timely a manner as possible, though that means that delays will be experienced. We have already advised that delivery times would extend and it is more than probable that the situation will worsen before it improves.

Please only order oil if you actually need it. We understand that these are very distressing times, with so many people working from home, very often with their children there, the need for home heating oil is likely to increase in the short term.

That said, the weather is improving which should hopefully reduce our need to have our heating on for more extended periods with the Met Office saying, ‘Longer periods of dry and settled weather are set to continue throughout April, and it will be much drier than recent months.’ - Source, the Met Office;

For those in greater need or within the ‘at risk’ categories, we and our suppliers will do whatever we can to reduce the time it takes to deliver to you. If you are in one of those groups or you have family, friends or are aware of people in those groups who may need a delivery in the shorter term, let us know when you order in our ‘Special Instructions’ area so that we and our suppliers will be made aware and can do our utmost. You can also message us with any concerns about those orders specifically at;

We at The Heating Oil Club will continue to offer support and advice wherever possible and are working very closely with our suppliers to satisfy the needs of our members. These are unprecedented times so please be patient with both our response times, (we will try and maintain our swift reaction times) and be aware that delivery times are unlikely to be as they would under normal circumstances.