News: Heating oil prices fall with stock markets

12th March 2020

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Well, the news is full of stories about panic buying in supermarkets and although I understand many of the reasons why people do this, we need to realise that things will continue to be available in stores and of course, there are always the many home delivery options for those who don’t wish to, or cannot venture out.
Talking of home deliveries, what about our home heating oil? The price of oil globally has fallen quite dramatically over the last couple of weeks which in turn has had a fairly aggressive impact on the world’s stock markets. It has also filtered quickly down to the home heating oil market with prices today reflecting a level not seen for around 6 years!
Production may be reducing in some areas but there is again there really is no need for us to worry and fall into the ‘must buy more toilet rolls’ syndrome. However, all that said - now is a very good time to either top up or fill those heating oil tanks.
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