News: How is your heating oil tank level?

11th February 2019

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Tank level?

As we are expecting warmer weather this week, it’s a good time to remind all of our members that during the recent cold spells, we have all probably used more home heating oil than we may have anticipated. We have experienced high levels of members running out of oil before ordering and although we and our suppliers do everything possible to facilitate deliveries quickly, it’s not possible all of the time in all locations.
There may well be some reasonable weather around this week with temperatures higher than normal for the time of year but don’t be fooled, winter is still upon us.
So maybe this break in the weather is a good time to get outside and check the level of oil in your tank, if you need a 500 litre top up or a full tank, now is a very good time to get an order into the system.
As always, please bear in mind any friends or neighbours who are elderly or less able to check tanks for themselves.
A crop of snowdrops may allow us to dream of spring, but they are often the herald of more serious winter weather to come.