News: Time to top up your home heating oil tank?

9th November 2017

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As we head towards the time when thermostats are being turned up across the UK, what has the weather got in store for us? Many members have already experienced their first frost, always a prompt to check their oil tanks! In terms of log range forecasts, currently the Met Office are saying the following;

There is also an increasing risk of snow at times, more especially in the north. Temperatures will initially be near or slightly below normal but with an increased chance of below normal temperatures later in the period, with an increased likelihood of overnight frosts.

Source,Met Office -

So, that's it in a nutshell from the horses mouth. Worth also mentioning that prices have been increasing but are still very competitive compered with two or three years ago.

Our advice then -don't delay, check those tanks as soon as you can. Suppliers are getting busier, weather is getting colder.

Don't be caught out this winter!