News: Stormy weather...

11th January 2017

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The Met Office are predicting some very 'seasonal' weather over the next few days and possibly weeks which will inevitably have the effect of stretching oil distributors across the UK.

Currently, they are showing the following bulletin on their web site - -

''Over the next 24 hours it will turn cold and windy as a Polar maritime airmass, with its origins over northern Canada, moves into northern Scotland and then south across the whole of the UK.

The cold airmass will bring much lower temperatures to all parts by Thursday and biting northwesterly winds to the north. Snow showers, gales and widespread overnight frosts will affect much of the UK. National Severe Weather Warnings have been issued for wind and snow, with the heaviest and most frequent snow showers likely across northern and western Scotland, Northern Ireland and around Irish Sea coasts, but eastern coasts will also be affected at times later. There will be gales which could lead to temporary blizzard conditions as well as a risk of hail and thunder in some locations.''

Many people get caught out when we are hit with bad or extreme weather conditions so please try to keep ahead by ordering your home heating oil sooner rather than later.