News: A warm and merry Christmas?

11th December 2016

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It is now only two weeks until Christmas Day - yes, two weeks. So, have you ticked off all of the essentials from your Christmas shopping and to do lists? Is 'check heating oil tank' included in one of those lists? If not, now is probably a really good time to do so. This is always a busy time of year for shopping of any kind and buying heating oil is no exception. With the rules of supply and demand taking something of a hold, it is inevitable that prices will be increased by our suppliers - you may have noticed that petrol prices have been steadily rising and that is always an indicator of what is happening in the heating oil markets as well. So, two weeks to go, that's 10 delivery days - but it's not too late! In most areas we are still getting to people in around 5 working days, well ahead on many of our competitors, but that could change as the usual pre Christmas surge sets in. If you need heating oil, get online and order from us as soon as you can to ensure that your Merry Christmas is also a warm one!