News: "Top-up now to save!" says Energy Minister Michael Fallon (We said it first!)

7th August 2014 (last updated: 9th August 2014)

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Ordering at the right time can make a big difference to your heating oil bills. Topping up in the summer when prices are low, as opposed to winter when the prices are high, can save you up to £80 on a typical delivery! We've been telling our members this for a long time. It's common sense; and now it's government sponsored common sense:

Today Energy Minister Michael Fallon is backing a campaign encouraging heating oil users to stock up early before winter sets in. The Buy Oil Early campaign has been launched to highlight that early orders can benefit from lower prices and prompt delivery of fuel.

“The message is simple: stock up on heating oil before the winter leaves you out in the cold. Previous severe winters show it’s better to order early when suppliers have spare delivery capacity. Delaying risks longer delivery times especially if cold weather increases demand and disrupts deliveries, particularly in remote and rural parts of the country. Consumers may also want to consider establishing or joining a community buying group."
Michael Fallon, Energy Minister

The government don't always get things right, but this time they definitely have. So order today to make sure you get maximum savings on your heating oil this year!