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Supply problems, new technologies, wars, terrorism and even changes in the weather can all cause fluctuations in the price of heating oil. To keep you up to date with these kinds of events, we’ve pulled together the most relevant news stories for you here on our website.

By keeping up-to-date with the latest news you can ensure that you order at the best time and guarantee maximum savings.

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Get Ready For Easter !

17th March 2024 (last updated: 17th March 2024)

We all hope Spring is just around the corner but Easter can be cold. Do make s…

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Baby it’s cold outside, don’t wait for Santa to bring your heating oil….

3rd December 2023

With temperatures hovering at just about freezing, you - like me - may have ne…

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Jack’s back!

16th October 2023

Many of us will have experienced our first frost of autumn this morning and fol…

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24th February 2023

With the whole world talking about the changes in our weather it’s really dif…

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Not out of the Woods yet!

6th February 2023

Walking through the woods yesterday seeing sticky buds, snowdrops and celandine…

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