News: Prices settle after Christmas rush

4th January 2024

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Good morning,
Whilst prices peaked over the run up to Christmas, they appear to have now settled to a more manageable level today. Many of our members are saying that although it wasn’t too cold over the break, the combination of being at home with guests was for many the reason that they’ve needed to order home heating oil this month.
Delivery times were stretched as always across Christmas and new year, though we have seen them reduce in most areas and are now seeing deliveries within 7 working days in most cases. Some deliveries on ‘baby tankers’ are however taking an extra couple of days in some locations, please bear that in mind if you do have such a requirement.
The mild, wet weather is not set to last and the Met Office are suggesting upcoming periods of much colder weather stating that it would be; ‘Much colder than recently, with frost probably becoming quite widespread and some freezing fog patches are possible in places. Beyond next week, conditions are likely to remain cold, with an increasing chance of some wintry showers, particularly in the north’. (Source - The Met Office - )
As always, we advise all members that ordering before any peaks - which includes spells of cold weather - is a sensible option so if your monitor is looking a little lower or when checking your tank it appears less full than anticipated, now might be a good time to place an order.